What are Walk In Bathtubs

Walk-in bathtubs, also known as “safety tubs,” are designed to allow bathers to get inside the walk in bathtub without having to step over a high ridge like normal bathtubs. They come with built-in doors that swing into the tub or outward to allow you to walk right into the tub and close the door behind you. These tubs have special doors equipped with a watertight seal. The only negative about a walk in bathtub is that you have to be inside as it fills to utilize the ease of entry. Also, some tubs only open once the tub is empty or when the water is completely drained.

The threshold of the walk in bathtub door is only a few inches high, making entry very safe and convenient for bathers. A walk in tub comes with faucets that have easy to access controls from a seated position and allow for a more convenient temperature adjustment compared to common bathtubs. Just like standard bathtubs, some have showerheads or hand-held shower nozzles for full bathing accommodations. You can upgrade your tub with therapeutic add-ons, like water jets.

Walk In Bathtubs are NOT just for the Elderly

Walk in Bathtubs were originally designed for the elderly or the handicapped. In recent years, the walk in bathtub market has grown more popular among the general population due to great convenience and therapeutic features appealing to anyone, not just the disabled or handicapped. The taller and narrower design of the walk in bathtubs became very popular to people looking to save on space. Those who wish to convert a small space into a full bathroom could install a walk in tub with a showerhead in the same space as a shower stall or linen closet. This option is, of course, still helpful to mobility impaired or elderly people looking to maintain independence.

Bathing Made Easy

Taking a bath is an activity that most people don’t think too much about. It’s a luxury most people think of for a spa treatment or pampering. This is not the case for some elderly and individuals with physical handicaps. The safety and convenience of a walk in tub allows everyone to have the same experience and ease of hygiene.

People in wheelchairs take a risk every time they get into a standard bathtub, so some can’t without the assistance of another person. As independent adults, losing the dignity to bathe yourself is not an easy adjustment. A walk in shower or tub is the answer, with the grab bars, side rails, the seat, and the easy to reach controls.

Walk in tubs and showers are convenient not only for the bather, but also for the family members or medical staff that would normally have to assist in the bathing process. Some walk in tubs can be equipped with therapeutic water jets, helping soothe muscle aches, back pain, and stress, which in turn contributes to an increased mobility.

Which Way Does the Walk In Bathtub Door Swing

Whether your walk in bathtub uses an inward swinging door or outward swinging door, the only thought should be the space the tub is in. Many consumers are torn between the door orientations. Which is the best option in terms of safety and value for the price?

Statistically, the inward swinging walk in tubs and showers have been installed more frequently. First off, the inward swinging would allow you to only have to reach within the tub’s interior. Also, the door can only open once the tub is emptied of water, so there’s a lower risk of a wet mess.

The only negative with the inward swinging door is that in an emergency, you will have to wait for the water to drain before you can open the door. The inward-swinging tub is also the more affordable option for walk in tubs, though and is safer than a standard bathtub for most adult bathers, thus its popularity. Both types of walk in bathtubs, offer the convenience and independence you seek.