How Can I Purchase a Walk In Bathbathtub?

Take a look at our page on Ways to Purchase for details and pricing.  We’ll be happy to help you choose a walk in bathtub.

Are Walk In Bathbathtubs Certified?

Yes!  Walk In Bathbathtubs can be IAPMO, UL & ETL certified.

Are Fiberglass or Acrylic Walk in Bathtubs Better?

We generally recommend Fiberglass Walk in Bathtubs as a better choice because of the superior strength and rigidity.  Acrylic Walk In Bathbathtubs, however, are just as good an alternative and are easy to clean and will never face or discolor.

What is Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy Walk In Bathbathtubs feature therapeutic massaging water jets which circulate the water within the Walk In Bathbathtub.  They are generally more intense thanwhirlpool bathtubs which use air jets.

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How is the Walk In Bathbathtub Installation Done?

Walk in Bathtub installation requires a local plumber or general contractor.  The installation entails removing and disposing of your old bathtub, as well as changing any plumbing if needed.  The contractor will install the new bathtub and hook up the faucets and power as well.

Can I Finance and Insure My Walk In Bathbathtub?

Some dealers do allow for financing.  Consult your dealer of choice for details.  Walk in Bathtubs can be included under your home owners insurance, however we recommend you consult your insurance agent for details as well.

Are Inward or Outward Swing Bathtubs Better?

Inward swing bathtubs are generally better than outward swinging bathtubs for a few reasons. First of all, inward swinging tub doors take up less space because the door opens into the tub whereas an outward swinging tub door would require more space to open outwards properly. Secondly, with an inward swinging tub there is a lesser chance of the tub door malfunctioning and opening while the tub is full of water, this is because the pressure from the water pushes against the tub door causing an even tighter seal. If an outward swinging tub door were to malfunction, all that water would flow outwards into the bathroom.

How much does a Walk in Bathtub Cost?

Walk in Bathtub pricing varies depending on the make, model, and options you choose.  For details and to get a quote, contact us today.

Safety Information

There are various safety features that can be included into a walk in bathtub.  Support rails and handles are a good thing to add to your bathtub depending on the location and usage of the bathtub.  They can add the support needed to help seniors or disabled persons to get in and out of their walk in bathtub.

Another great feature of most walk in bathtubs is textured surfaces on the floors and seats to prevent slipping and give better traction.  This can be an especially important to independent bathers that may not have help nearby.

Also, be sure to check if your bathtub comes with overflow drains.  These can be important to keeping your walk in bathtub from flooding the area or causing damage to your bathtub by being overfilled.

Benefits of Being Made in the USA

Products made in the USA do a few things: they create jobs, they save cost on deliveries which helps you save money, shipments arrive faster which means faster service for you, products made in the USA means guaranteed US customer services and taxes paid go to the USA which helps pay for our schools.

Walk in Bathtub or Roll-In Shower?

This depends on the users needs and preferences first and foremost. A roll in shower is most easily accessible to wheelchair users. A walk in bathtub is best suited for the elderly or those who would like the extra safety measures for entering and exiting the tub such has extra handrails.