Buying a Walk In Bathtub Advice

Walk in bathtub experts give great advice for the buyers

Researching a walk in bathtub product before you purchase is the smart consumer approach. Making a major purchase like a walk in bathtub is a big decision for your bathroom and should not be taken lightly. By taking the right first steps in your walk in bathtub purchase process you are one step closer to finding the right walk in bathtub for your bathroom.

Reviews are the best way to find out which walk in bathtub products are better performing, better priced, and longer lasting from actual. Taking the time to visit will give you the right knowledge you need to choose the right walk in bathtub so the people using it will have the independence and safety they need. was started as a way resource to assist the elderly, disabled and their loved ones make educated walk in bathtub purchase decisions. Now helps thousands find the right walk in bathtub model and brand.

The following is an outline for purchasing a walk in bathtub. Don’t forget to read our walk in bathtub reviews for first hand experiences consumers have had purchasing their walk in bathtubs. Buying the right walk in bathtub is made easy for you right here at

First things first… What do you need in a walk in bathtub?

You’ve decided to buy a Walk in Bathtub. There are many ways to find the best walk in bathtub on your own, but here’s where the experts at supply the best way to determine your needs, your options, and finding the right dealer.

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What kind of Bathroom is the Walk In Bathtub for?

Review Walk In Tubs knows that every bathroom size, configuration, and layout can be different, so take the time and get measurements and know what items are staying put before moving forward. Each person’s walk in bathtub needs can vary from age to physical mobility to mental capacity. Having as much information about the bathroom before purchasing will make the installation that much smoother.

Be sure to check out the Walk In Bathtubs Categories Section for information about:

Also, measure your doors and hallways leading to the bathroom for clearance to anticipate any possible accommodations you may have to make to physically get the tub into the bathroom. In other words, don’t go too big if you don’t want to do demolition on the house as you install the tub.

Walk in Bathtubs ARE NOT All the Same

There are several major manufacturers of walk in bathtubs and each one uses different materials, styles, functions, and finishes to achieve their walk in bathtub design. Each material a walk in bathtub is made from has certain advantages that may be complimented by other design elements of the walk in bathtub.

Fiberglass walk in bathtubs are strong but lightweight, making them easier to install. Fiberglass walk in bathtubs also work well with the multiple moving parts of the door construction.

Acrylic walk in bathtubs feature a one piece, solid surface construction, as well as the non-porous nature of acrylic walk in bathtubs are easier to clean and maintain and will not discolor. Acrylic walk in bathtubs are extremely durable and will last longer due to the heavyweight construction. The acrylic walk it bathtubs are reinforced with a fiberglass backing for additional strength so you get the best of both with acrylic walk in bathtubs.

Some walk in bathtubs feature the same extra comfort options such as air jets or whirlpool options that you should consider for relaxing or even rehabilitative use.

As far as safety goes, check the floor in the walk in bathtubs for a nice textured surface for traction and non-slip finishes. You may have to install self-adhesive traction products for additional traction.

Walk in Bathtub Installations

Review Walk in Tubs can recommend experienced walk in bathtub experts that will send walk in bathtub installation technicians to the home to assist in the buying process and installation as needed. Review Walk In Tubs can also find walk in bathtub showroom locations near you to help browse the options before buying as well.

A licensed plumber or general contractor can be contracted to install walk in bathtubs as well. Make sure that the removal / disposal of the existing tubs, cleaning of plumbing and pipes, installing new walk in bathtubs, and setting up all faucets should be included.

Walk In Bathtub Reviews

This is where Review Walk in Tubs is most valuable. We a wide sample of walk in bathtub reviews for brands, distributors, and specific models. Before you purchase a Walk in Bathtub from any company, you should read their rating on

You are almost Ready to Buy your Walk in Bathtub!

The only thing left to do now is choose the walk in bathtub you like the best, check the walk in bathtubs review and find a local walk in bathtub dealer to purchase from.