Walk In Handicap Bathtubs

A walk in bathtub is a great choice for bathers with physical disabilities trying to stay independent without risking injury while bathing. A walk in bathtub allows bathers with disabilities, limited mobility, or physical strength to take a bath, or even shower, while seated and not risk injuring themselves like a normal bathtub. Walk in handicap bathtubs provide the perfect way to keep your independence with safety in mind.

The grab rails help a bather enter a handicap bathtub, and once inside, the side support rails help you sit down and adjust yourself. Transferring from a wheelchair or a walker is made safer and easier than ever before with walk in bathtubs. The controls for the water and the shower are easy to reach and easy to use.

Since these tubs have rail systems for additional support, even if a disabled bather requires assistance bathing, it won’t be nearly as difficult or dangerous.

Although walk in handicap tubs were originally designed for seniors and people with disabilities, such as people in wheelchairs or walkers, the tub can be used by anyone. All the extra features available for the walk in bathtubs are wonderful for any bather. Water jets gently massage and can help soothe achy muscles. The air jets help with circulation and rehabilitate the body faster in some cases.

Anyone with or without a disability can take advantage of the luxury and convenience walk in handicap bathtubs offer. We highly recommend combining the water jets and the air jets together to create the ultimate spa-like bathing experience and feel better after every bath.