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ReviewWalkInTubs.com was started as a way to help the elderly and disabled, and their loved ones make educated purchase decisions. Our website will help to answer your questions and ease the decision making process. Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page to find out more information about our services and what walk in tub works best for you.

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Recent Walk In Bathtub Reviews

Help You Stay was very helpful at first when we were learning about walk in tubs. After talking with them enough about what we we’re looking for, we decided to use their tubs even though they suggested other competitors with different models that may have been better suited for us. Ordering was easy and within a week they were able to get everything installed without a problem, they even showed us how everything worked!

We’ve already recommended their tubs to a few of our friends and a couple have decided to get one too. We thought this would be a major pain to get through but Help You Stay was great to work with and made everything so easy, if only we needed another walk in tub.
Help You Stay

I never thought I’d have to own a walk in bathtub but now that I do, I’m glad I went to DAC for their walk in tubs. Compared to other competitors, their models looked much more pleasing to my eye right from the start. In talking to them they were able to narrow my choices down to a few models that would be best for my needs and I was able to order the model I wanted immediately.

I’m very delighted with how everything turned out and it’s made my day that much easier thanks to DAC.

DAC Walk in Tubs

The service I got from Everlast Walk in Tubs has been unmtached. After having to replace an older walk in tub, I’m glad I came to Everlast instead of my previous maker. They made ordering a new tub simple and fast and they were even able to remove my old one without any damage to my bathroom!

The new tub looks better and works better than the old one I had and I couldn’t be happier thanks to them.

Everlast Walk in Tubs

American Walk In Tubs was extremely easy to work with. We were able to order our tub and have it installed the next week. We did the demo ourselves but they installed our new walk in tub. Even caulked it and wiped out the dirt from the installation.

We would highly recommend ordering from them. Their staff was helpful and even double checked the measurements we took once they arrived just to be sure. Our tub looks great and it works perfectly. We appreciate the help and so does our family.

American Walk in Tubs